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Mother, yoga teacher aspirant, digital media enthusiast, archaeologist. Embracing countryside-living again after years of city lights. Still attempting, sporadically, to blog!

Who vouches for her

I read today of a disturbing court case regarding a vulnerable 15-year-old girl in state care who has been groomed by adult men, via social media, to meet with her in hotel rooms where they have subsequently raped her. The … Continue reading

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How do we do birth in Ireland?

How do we do birth in this country? I’ve heard so often lately about how we do the other side of the portal – death – so well. And I agree. In the pandemic restrictions, it is all the more … Continue reading

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Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter

A review of the new Fantastic Beasts movie including a consideration of the wider world of Harry Potter (and my life throughout) I can say honestly and openly that I was overwhelmed and bewildered by the latest production of the … Continue reading

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It’s time to excavate at at Tuam now

Saturday morning my Mam rings. I can hear the dismay in her voice straightaway. I breathe in. EXHALE: The results of that weird and cumbersome and insulting Consultation process by Galway County Council for the Minister, in connection with the … Continue reading

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The pattern and the system that enables

Two women reached out to me after I wrote my blog posts about Andy Halpin’s sexual harassment of me at the National Museum of Ireland. Their accounts demonstrate the pattern of how this man preys on women in the workplace. … Continue reading

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Silver pins and lamp posts

I remember the little anti-abortion pins on school uniforms. I remember the earrings, the same design, the two little footprints. I gushed to a girl in my class: WHERE did you get that! That’s ADORABLE! She looked at me quizzically. … Continue reading

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Vomiting slugs to tell full truths

I’d rather vomit slugs than name the truths of my experience of working at the National Museum of Ireland, but if I don’t do it I spend the rest of my life living with slug-like lodgers of my work-life past, … Continue reading

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On wings of song

I discovered some words I threw down in a notebook, exactly two years ago this week: a vignette of my daughter Aoife in a nonsuch moment I wanted to preserve for ever and ever and ever On Wings of … Continue reading

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Peace for whom in Tuam?

  I was confused to read on the front page of the Tuam Herald Wednesday 22nd February that “Tuam’s Garden of Peace, the last remaining aspect of the town’s Mother and Baby Home, is being added to the Record of Protected … Continue reading

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A Workplace Fable

Once upon a time, I worked in a crumbling old archaic and beautiful institution*. Within its many walls, two worlds co-existed side by side, adjacent and sometimes overlapping, but utterly distinct and separate and unrecognisable from one another in character … Continue reading

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