My Wexford home (no range here. Just a stove)

I am Adrienne, a mother, a yoga teacher, a doula, a reluctant farmer, and an archaeologist.

Colm Moriarty is my fella (that’s him nerdily reading about Vikings in the photo above). We have two stunning-in-every-way children, Aoife and Beineán.

I teach yoga at a lovely little new studio on our farm called Yoga Bloom here near Enniscorthy.

We have 41 sheep on a beautiful Wexford farm, even though I never wanted to be a sheep farmer (I am aspirational-vegan). I cope by taking photographs – check out our farm Instagram account here: @The_Hill_Farm.

Colm has a massively popular archaeology website IrishArchaeology.ie (you should check out his online shop there and support it for us! Thank you.)

About this Blog

Ever since I first heard about blogging I wanted to start a blog. But what would I call it?

I remembered that, once upon a time, when I was growing up in the Corless family at Carrantanlass, near Tuam in county Galway, someone in the family remarked that the most 0ft-repeated phrase in the house was probably

is the kettle on the range boiled?”

In a house where everyone grazed and drank multiple cups of tea in a day, the kettle was used a lot.

Or did we just graze because the kettle was usually boiled?

The old metal kettle on the range was the kettle of choice; tea made from the electric kettle tastes different. Some would send the cup back if the tea was made from the *wrong* kettle (my mother could tell by the taste).

So someone else said we should write a book under that title some day. Instead I’m swiping it now for this blog.

This blog was supposed to be about me figuring my new country life out after losing my job in Dublin, but that was four years ago and all got too confusing and busy for me to even write about it consistently, or at all. And so, thus far I’ve mostly used the blog to write about topics I care deeply about, like Tuam Babies and Breastfeeding, as the need arose.

Stick on the kettle on the range there: or on the stove. It really does taste better.




1 Response to About

  1. Hello Adrienne. Some time ago we discussed woodturning and bowls in your comments. I’m closing my old website and blog and moving it to another site. If you want to update the links, the new site is turnedwoodenbowls.co.uk and my post on choosing a lathe is at turnedwoodenbowls.co.uk/2017/03/03/choosing-a-lathe-for-woodturning/


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