Kettle Pictures – When Spring Crept in 

An installment of Kettle Pictures – a gallery of the sporadic pretty moments as seen by my iPhone and me.

These images below are from early 2016, when Spring crept in.

On our new gigantic blue beanbag

Pregnant sheep waiting for breakfast

John the farm cat loves the sheep shed (cos it’s warm in there)

The sheep maternity hotel

Newborn lambs let out to the field for the first time

Aoife lets the hens out in the morning

John the farm cat likes to knock over the Buddha so that HE can sit on the manhole cover

Movie afternoon on the Gigantic Blue Beanbag

We get a visit from a special visitor – new baby Eoghan

Lamb birthing in all its glory

Brand new Mamma Sheep

On the Victorian red rocking chair until they break it again

Eating at the edge of the room where they can see the TV in the other room

Spring sunrise at The Hill

Our three farmcats: Puffin, John and Whiskers

Sunrise triplet lambs

Sheep family No 7

Mamma Sheep in the frosty morning

Sheep Family No 2 – triplets

Bringing in kindling for the fire


Aoife delivers her first lamb

They spent the money they got from my second cousin in Ken Blacks in Carlow


We notice a beautiful stained glass window in Arro Smyths in Enniscorthy


Reading a poem in the window of Toffee & Thyme cafe, Enniscorthy

Posting orders from Colm’s online shop Irish Archaeology Shop

Spot the cat?

We visit Wells House with our friends

I love this photo. Quinn and the staff goat at Well House

They took their wishing very seriously at Wells House

Pensive rest in the forest at Wells House

Wagon spins in the back yard

The hens love the sheep shed too

Feeding the pet lambs with friends

Taking special care of Andy


About Adrienne

Mother, yoga teacher aspirant, digital media enthusiast, archaeologist. Embracing countryside-living again after years of city lights. Still attempting, sporadically, to blog!
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