Galvanise home


This little galvanise building is located near where we live in county Wexford. Somebody recently cut back the brambles from around it, which is when I first noticed curtains in the windows.


About Adrienne

Mother, yoga teacher aspirant, digital media enthusiast, archaeologist. Embracing countryside-living again after years of city lights. Still attempting, sporadically, to blog!
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2 Responses to Galvanise home

  1. Gorgeous building. I only recently began to really notice some of the fantastic corrugated sheds and buildings around the country when they were pointed out to me on Bere Island. They are some of the hidden gems around the countryside that go unnoticed.

    • Adrienne says:

      Thanks for the comment Damian! I’d never really noticed these before either and I don’t know anything about them. Must find out more about them and will keep my eyes peeled for others

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