Is the kettle on the range boiled?

Kettle on the range

It was once remarked that the most repeated phrase in my home house at Carrantanlass, Tuam, Co Galway, was probably “is the kettle on the range boiled?” In a house where everyone grazes, the kettle is used a lot. Or do we graze because the kettle is usually boiled?

You could boil the electric kettle, but why bother if the one on the range is ready to go? You’ll get given out to for wasting electricity. Also, tea made from the electric kettle tastes different. Some will send the cup back if the tea was made from the *wrong* kettle.

So if it’s time for a cup of tea, or a hot water bottle for bed, just check with the kitchen at large if the kettle on the range is boiled.


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Mother, yoga teacher aspirant, digital media enthusiast, archaeologist. Embracing countryside-living again after years of city lights. Still attempting, sporadically, to blog!
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2 Responses to Is the kettle on the range boiled?

  1. Móna Wise says:

    I think we grew up in the same kettle family :0)
    Nice blog!

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