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Ireland: the land that forgot breastfeeding

TIME magazine recently cashed in on a current, strained Western attitude to breastfeeding. They published a beautiful, quirky breastfeeding photograph on their cover and gave it what I would call a contentious caption. It brought enormous mainstream media attention to … Continue reading

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Josie’s penguins

  Two plastic sand-filled penguins live outside the front door of my home house. They’ve been there since about the nineteen-sixties, part of my grandmother’s proud front garden. Some time in the seventies, my uncle-in-law Tommy hid one of them … Continue reading

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Is the kettle on the range boiled?

It was once remarked that the most repeated phrase in my home house at Carrantanlass, Tuam, Co Galway, was probably “is the kettle on the range boiled?” In a house where everyone grazes, the kettle is used a lot. Or … Continue reading

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